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1Strielkowski W, 2Gryshova I. Academic Publishing and «Predatory» Journals. 2018 ;14(1):05-12.
1Nazarovets SA. Black Open Access in Ukraine: Analysis of Downloading Sci-Hub Publications by Ukrainian Internet Users. 2018 ;14(2):19-26.
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1Klymenko SA, 1Prokopiv MM. Creation оf New Types оf Competitive Cutting Plates аnd Manufacture оf Pilot Instrument Part for Mechanical Processing Hard-To-Machine Materials. 2018 ;14(1):80-85.
1Yegorov IYu. The Formation of National R&D and Innovation Policy Based on «Triple Helix» (Government–Science–Industry) Extended Model (brief information about the project). 2018 ;14(1):86-89.
1Khimich OM, 1Ivlichev VP, 1Malchevskyi IA, 1Bespalov SA, 1Pustovoit MM, 1Golotsukov GV, 1Shchetynin IYe, 1Nikolenko DI, 1Ivanov SM, 1Kirsanov VF. Framework for the Creation of Distributed Informational Technology to Support the Research аnd Organizational Activities of the NAS of Ukraine. 2018 ;14(1):53-66.
1Abbas Asad, 2Avdic Anders, 3Barker Kathryn C, 4Xiaobao Peng. Knowledge Transfer from Universities to Industry Through University Technology Transfer Offices. 2018 ;14(2):05-18.
1Gordiyenko EYu., 1Glushchuk MI, 1Fomenko Yu.V, 1Shustakova GV, 2Dzeshulska II, 2Ivanko Yu.F. Nondesructive Testing of Composite Materials of Aircraft Elements by Active Thermography. 2018 ;14(2):39-50.
1Tkachenko TV, 1Yevdokymenko VO, 1Kamenskyh DS, 2Filonenko MM, 3Vakhrin VV, 1Kashkovsky VI. Processing Vegetable Waste оf Different Origin. 2018 ;14(2):51-66.
1Lavrich Yu.M. The Specific Features of Scientific Supervision of Production of Promising RadioElectronic Apparatus Patterns. 2018 ;14(1):15-25.