About Journal

Scientific and Practical Journal of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Founded in 2005, Resolution of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine № 7 from 12.01.2005.
The Editorial Board of the journal «Science and Innovation» is guided in its work by international ethics of scientific publications and maintains a policy of open access. All articles submitted to the Editorial Board, on a mandatory basis are reviewed and checked for plagiarism. The journal provides all users with a guarantees in accordance with specified obligations.
Published 6 times a year
State registration certificate of print media: КВ 20704-10504ПР  from 18.04.14

ISSN 1815-2066 (print)
ISSN 2413-497X (online)

Journal Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian

Founder: The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Publisher: Publishing House "Akademperiodyka"

Editor-in-chief: Boris Ye. Paton, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine
Executive Secretary: Tatyana M. Yatskiv

Article problems:
    • original and review articles in various areas of science and technology that are important for innovation development of Ukraine;
    • information provision of innovation activities;
    • coverage of innovative structures activity.


Journal Topics:
    • General Questions on Modern Scientific, Technical and Innovation Policy
          - legal and methodological foundations
          - economic aspects
          - discussion forum
    • Scientific and Technical Innovation Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    • The Scientific Basis of Innovation
          - instrumentation
          - telecommunications and navigation
          - nanotechnology and functional materials
          - transportation and construction technologies
          - agriculture and agricultural technology
          - environmental technology and biotechnology
          - energy and resource saving
    • Legal Protection of Intellectual Property
    • The World of Innovation
          - know-how and technology transfer
          - innovative structures
          - in terms of numbers
          - ongoing information in science and innovation field

Editorial address:  3 Tereschenkivska st., room 57, Kyiv, Ukraine
Mailing Adress: NAS Presidium, 54 Volodymyrsja str, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
E-mail: innovation@nas.gov.ua
Теl.: (044) 288-03-46, (050) 154-77-83